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Rob Bell concludes development role with the McLaren Senna GTR

1st December 2019

After months of intensive testing at test tracks, Rob Bell and the development team at McLaren Automotive have handed the keys to the McLaren Senna GTR over for its toughest test to-date. With the limited edition model now in production ahead of delivery to the lucky 75 owners, invited media from around the world have been given the chance to experience latest track-only machine from Woking.

Rob has worked as part of the team which has worked to develop the road-going McLaren Senna roadcar into the most track-focused model in the McLaren Ultimate Series. In his role as McLaren Factory Driver, Rob has extensive and unrivalled experience of modern McLaren track cars, having developed and raced the 12C GT3, 650S GT3 and, most recently, the 720S GT3 around the world. This knowledge has been instrumental in Rob’s role to help evolve the Senna GTR in key areas to deliver on its promise of hypercar power and accessible handling with the aerodynamics and chassis of a thoroughbred racer.

The Senna GTR is focused on ultimate performance. Without the constraints of road or racing regulations, the new Ultimate Series car boasts 825PS from the 4.0-litre, twin-turbocharged V8 engine, and power-to-weight ratio of 694PS-per tonne. It produces 1,000kg of aerodynamic downforce, but it has been developed with a focus on accessibility for drivers of all abilities.

Rob Bell -

“The Senna roadcar is a phenomenal feat of engineering, delivering blistering pace and handling around a track. The challenge with the track-only Senna GTR was to fine-tune these characteristics and enhance the track experience to the absolute maximum, to ensure the performance was accessible to a broad range of driving skill levels. This meant retaining the strengths and qualities of the roadcar while also creating the ultimate track car in terms of performance. In addition to this – and possibly most importantly – it was also crucial to ensure that the end result was something worthy of the legendary ‘Senna’ name.

“It was important to ensure the Senna GTR felt like a McLaren to drive, but with the added injection of feeling like a true racing car. The team has done an incredible job to dial up everything in terms of driving experiences and feelings for the driver, using motorsport components and a no compromise approach to performance gains. To be involved in the project is a huge privilege, and the end result is the McLaren with the fastest laptimes outside of Formula 1 – I’d like to think that that is a claim that does justice to the Senna name!”

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