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Tyre Testing Nets Gains in Estoril

12th February 2008

Rob Bell, driver with Virgo Motorsport for the 2008 Le Mans series, campaigning a Ferrari 430 GT2, returned from Estoril this week after a three-day Dunlop tyre test that he deemed highly successful. Preparing for a defence of his title, Bell, with team mate Gimmi Bruni, had a productive trip to Portugal.

Bell says of the test, “Dunlop did a great job with the tyre selection. We were able to work through various options and the car was significantly quicker with the new compounds. Focusing on the tyres and leaving alone car set up for the first two days allowed for comprehensive evaluation of the car’s performance with the Dunlop tyre combinations. We were able to do longer runs for the high mileage endurance races and provide our feedback. I’m really pleased with how much we achieved and the results we had.

“On the final day of testing we tried a few set up changes. We were running with last year’s car with only one update, as the rest are due nearer to the start of the season. The time we found over the course of the test was definitely from the tyres, but we were also able to learn more about the car and prepare for the new season.”

Aside from Virgo Motorsport testing, Bell has more Ferrari challenges ahead. He’ll be back on track in Spain with CR Scuderia preparing for the FIA GT championship, and then heading off to the USA for his debut in the Sebring 12 Hours with Tafel Racing.